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We give you the keys to car rental in 60,000 locations worldwide. Using the best performing tools available, you’ll be earning top revenue share rates on every booking made through your website.

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What is Rentalcars Connect?

We’re the B2B ground transport team at and we provide you with the tried and tested solutions of – including car rental and pre-booked taxi services – which you integrate into your website. Every booking made through your integrations then earns you a revenue share.

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1. Join us. It’s free and will take two minutes.

2. Create car rental integrations using the easy self-serve tools.

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Why should I join Rentalcars Connect?

The B2B ground transportation team of

We’re the top converting platform available.

Our solutions are proven to earn you the most revenue, since we focus on delivering a seamless and easy-to-use service for your customers.

Every search connects your customers with quality car rental and taxi providers, offering a variety of choices and optimal pricing for a smooth travel experience.

Huge earning potential

The more integrations you create, the more money you’ll make.

Easy-to-use products from the world’s largest online car rental company

So you can get started quickly and easily, using a brand that customers trust.

Highly optimised website integrations

To ensure we’re always the top performing platform available.

Dedicated Partner Centre

To help you manage your bookings, personal information and forecast your future earnings.

High customer service standard

Our UK-based customer service centres are extensively trained to offer optimal assistance with any queries or questions your customers may have.

Still need help?

Do you have a question about becoming a partner with Rentalcars Connect?

If you have any questions you can contact us directly through Affiliate Support.

Looking to register as a supplier with

If you are a company wanting to display your vehicles on you can visit our Supply Partners Service.

Looking to speak to someone about your car rental?

If you are a rental car customer looking for support with your reservation, you can get help from Customer Services.