Why Us?

We have the industry’s best conversion rates, margins and customer loyalty levels.

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Improve Your Proposition

Designed to fit your individual business needs, our tailored solution will directly lead to higher earnings, increased conversion rates and more ancillary revenue.

With us, you can give your customers an enhanced experience – a one-stop shop in which they can book everything they need.

Connect your business to the bespoke, end-to-end car hire solution that will provide:

Competitive Pricing

We manage the product and pricing ourselves to provide the most compelling proposition for your customers. You do not have to get involved – unless you want to. With our sophisticated pricing system, synchronised with rentalcars.com, we ensure everything is optimised for the market(s) in which you operate.

Global Coverage

Over the years, we have developed strong and lasting relationships with the top car hire providers all around the world. This allows us to offer your customers the choice of over 28,000 pick-up locations across 180 countries, in 40 different language options and over 80 currencies.

Superior Technology

As part of Booking.com, we're backed by the world's largest online travel company, which means we share the same robust, seamless technology. In a fast- paced industry, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to better satisfy our partners and their customers. We test and retest, design and redesign, doing all we can to suit each partner’s needs and find the best way to increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience.

Customer Loyalty

Driving repeat business is key to the success of any brand. For any travel company selling third party ancillary products, it is imperative those products (and the whole customer experience) reflect positively on the brand perception. So it’s a good job our repeat rates and customer advocacy are industry leading – testimony to a positive customer journey that will keep your customers returning to your site time after time. And just to be clear, we treat your customer as our customer. Rentalcars Connect simply monetises them for you.

Quality Products

Technology may be what powers us but the core of what we do is in the product we provide. We consider your customers in all our product decisions by selecting the best quality supply partners that can provide the depth of vehicles needed to allow us to display the healthiest mix of prices and cars, even on the busiest travel days of the year. But it’s not just our choice. We let the customer rate and review their experience after they’ve rented their vehicle. We then publish this information on your integration to allow the next customer to make a more informed choice but we also give this information back to our supply partners to help them improve for next time. Simple but very very effective!

Customer Centricity

When you connect to our solution we treat your customer as our customer and that means we will provide them the best robust support they need. Our 24/7 in-house multilingual call and service centre provides support in over 40 languages. We take complete control and responsibility for your customer’s experience so you don’t need to worry, we don’t pass the buck. And we use the strength of our supply partner relationships to ensure your customers are looked after and treated fairly. Our solution is end-to-end but if you still want to manage your customers directly, then that’s perfectly fine with us too. We are totally flexible.

Our Suppliers

Our vast choice of cars is down to our strong, lasting relationships with our supply partners – leading brands with the necessary depth of vehicles, even on the busiest travel days of the year. Here are just a few:

Integration Flexibility

We are here to identify – and meet – your customers’ needs.

Regardless of device type, operating system or browser, every one of our ‘plug and play’ integration solutions is optimised for maximum conversion. Combined with the Rentalcars.com experience and the constant improvements in our user experience, you can be confident your revenues will head in the right direction.

If you’re just looking for a simple partner marketing banner, a search panel or a dynamic confirmation widget, Rentalcars Connect is happy to accommodate you - we have a host of flexible solutions that can be tailored to your brand.

Ground Transportation

Rentalcars Connect would like to introduce our fully-featured ground transportation solution, Rideways, as part of our on-going dedication to providing the best conversion, margin and customer loyalty for our B2B partners.

Our solution has been built with the customer in mind from the bottom-up, utilising the deep B2C expertise of Rentalcars.com and Booking.com.

We offer your customers an alternative whenever they do not want to drive (whether it be leisure or business), and can help you deliver additional ancillary revenue with the minimum of fuss while driving the best customer engagement.

Global Coverage

200+ Cities

Local Expertise

Many languages, 12+ Currencies

Responsive Support

Multi-Channel, Multi-Lingual

Choice of Options

Budget to Premium

Quality Experience

SMS Communication, Fulfilment Guarantee

Competitive & Flexible

Local Pricing, 2 Hour Advance Booking