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Rentalcars Connect is the first ever global, fully serviced and bespoke end-to-end B2B car rental solution that is powered by the world’s largest B2C car rental website - rentalcars.com

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Who are We?

We provide a fully managed, end-to-end car hire solution for each of our partners – top travel brands, airlines, airports, accommodation sites, travel agencies, banks, travel websites and others.

Extensive in scope, each solution is also customisable to our partner’s requirements. We’re not just about technology, not just about placement, product or pricing, not just focused on a customer-centric approach. We provide everything our partner needs – in a package that connects them to higher earnings, increased growth and greater customer satisfaction.

Our Values

  • We work hard, believe in what we do and take pride in delivering the best solution in the industry. We are here to get behind your goals and do everything we can to create a partnership that excels and drives your business forward.

  • In a fast paced industry, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to better satisfy our partners and their customers. We test and retest, design and redesign, and do all we can to suit our partner’s needs and find what works well to increase conversion and the customer’s experience

  • As a global provider, we value diversity. We understand and respect the unique background of each customer and partner. And thanks to our multilingual, multicultural team, we can operate globally – but think and act locally.

  • “It’s all in the detail.” A phrase you often hear in the Rentalcars Connect offices. We can add value because we understand the specifics of your business, your market, your website, your bookings, your conversion rates. We know where to look for answers – and we know how to apply what we learn.

  • We’ve learned so much from our time with rentalcars.com: ten years of outstanding growth, based on hard work and solid relationships with customers and suppliers. At Rentalcars Connect, we benefit hugely from this experience – and so do our partners.

Meet the Team

When you become our partner you open your doors to a passionate, dedicated team of Rentalcars Connect travel partner experts.

Experts with the knowledge and experience to support your business, helping you drive your revenues – and customers – even further.

If we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, you can find out a bit more about some of our senior guys right now:


Ady Guthrie

- Global Director, Rentalcars Connect

Director of Rentalcars Connect, and a man who leads by example, Ady has been the brains behind our B2B operation right from the start. Five years ago, he joined Rentalcars.com to form a team that would provide our car hire solution to companies all around the globe – a team that has since grown and developed into a diverse group he is proud to lead.

His passport might be running out of blank pages, but Ady is always around to support the area managers and help their teams excel, as well as playing an active role in high-level client relationships and new potential partnerships.

As our very own sommelier, Ady is always happy to share his knowledge of wine, and proud of teaching Patrick the difference between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon. A family man at heart, he loves watching his son, Alfie, play football and cricket – and his little girl, Hollie, learn to swim and play tennis. For those who don’t understand cricket, Ady will be more than happy to explain when you come for a visit!


Paul Gwyther

- Head of Integration Solutions

After nine years with us, our Head of Integration Solutions feels like part of the Rentalcars Connect furniture. Paul joined as a web designer – and today, with all those years of experience under his belt, he manages a team of five designers and innovators. Aside from overseeing his team, he provides the brains (and the beauty) behind the technology solutions we provide to our partners.

Similarly, Paul’s knowledge of films knows no bounds: he knows more about movies, especially Star Wars, than everyone else combined, as one look at his desk will tell you. From blockbusters to foreign-language films, he manages to schedule in a minimum of three per week. When he’s not watching the big screen, you can find him on the football pitch.


Emily Ellsworth

- Trade Marketing, PR & Events Manager

As Trade Marketing, PR and Events Manager, Emily has a tongue twister of a title, which reflects the sheer number of ways she supports the area managers. She manages media relations for Rentalcars Connect and provides communication and marketing support for each market area. Emily organises our team events and our attendance at tradeshows and conferences – so if you to see us out and about, you can be certain she was involved.

Joining us in 2014 as the second Canadian in the group, Emily thrives on the enthusiasm, passion and dedication her colleagues put into their work every day. By night, you will find her supporting her favourite football team, getting hooked on a television series on Netflix or exploring Manchester, the city she is now thrilled to call home.


Patrick Dowling

- Regional Director

One of our many experts in driving ancillary revenue, Pat is the Area Manager for all for all English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. His team of six build (and build on) partnerships in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and India.

For five years, Pat has poured his passion into rentalcars.com, making a massive contribution to Rentalcars Connect’s substantial growth. Born and bred in Manchester, Patrick’s native language is English, but he has acquired the skill of ordering wine in six different languages.

When Pat isn’t in the office or flying around the world visiting partners, you can find him either in his kitchen attempting to be the next Jamie Oliver or on the side of a football pitch cheering on his son, an aspiring England defender.


Jinah Kim

- Regional Director

Another of our experts at driving ancillary revenues is our Area Manager for the Asia region, Jinah Kim. Originally from Jeju Island in Korea, Jinah has now been at Rentalcars.com for six years and currently leads a team of five account managers who work with partners in countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and many more.

When Jinah first started, she maintained our Korean website and naturally grew into her current role. She even established our first airline partnership. Jinah is known not only for her dedication to Rentalcars Connect, but also for her love of starting each day with a cup of Yorkshire tea.

In the evening, however, she prefers a pint of Guinness, in her opinion the world’s greatest drink. For an insight into Jinah’s levels of determination, just ask her where she goes for the best fish & chips – she drives three hours across the country to her favourite chip shop.


Arnaud Delbary

- Regional Director

If you are in mainland Europe, North Africa, the Middle East or Scandinavia, Arnaud will be your Area Manager. Another long-standing team member, Arnaud started with Rentalcars.com back in 2008 and is proud to have witnessed and contributed to its phenomenal growth and success. Speaking French and English, Arnaud manages his team of five and encourages hard work and dedication to all the partners they work with.

He is from a little village in France’s Dordogne region and even though he’s a country boy at heart, he loves to travel the world, which fortunately his job allows him to do. When travelling, Arnaud tries to learn as much as he can about different cultures and their cuisines and always jumps at the opportunity to be outdoors and skiing, snowboarding, hiking or cycling.

But nothing is more important to Arnaud than the company of great friends, accompanied by a good bottle of wine. Although his English grammar won’t be winning awards anytime soon, his sense of humour more than makes up for this.

Interested in joining our team?

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